Subject Re: Women's perspective of our own body.
Posted by Allison Lin
Posted on Sat Jan 6 00:41:59 2001
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In Reply to Women's perspective of our own body.

I think it is very important for woman to learn to appreciate her body. To face up to her own body is an avenue for woman realizing herself more. Moreover, woman will discovery her own desire (sexual desire) gradually. I think this is very important, because sex always plays an important role in human society, and by noticing her sexual desire can help her to establish a sense of whole self. Unlike the traditional idea about woman that her body is an object to attract man, and what she does is to please man; woman today will need to fight with the stereo type which dominates form the patriarchy.

Although recently the Feminism has been discussed all over the world, lots of advertisements or music videos and etc. still use woman body as a focus to attract people's attention, especially some goods such as cigarette. This phenomenon reveals that people; especially men still treat womanˇ¦s body as an object, and lack of the sense of being the whole person. In order to break this prejudice, we woman should have our self-conscious at first. At the same time, we should enrich our mind as what Stacy mentioned about. To let men know that we have not only beautiful bodies, but also beautiful brains.

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