Subject I've Heard the Mermaid Singing
Posted by Anissa
Posted on Sat Jan 6 01:40:55 2001
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Generally, I think that this movie is very interesting and I really enjoyed it in the past. Moreover, in this movie, we can find that the main character, Poly has a great imagination in her mind. As a result, she is different from an original woman.In addition, her thinking method is difficult to explain. May be some people think that she is a crazy woman. But I remember that Poly was climbing up the building, and said hi to somebody. But later she fell off the buliding. From my point of view, as she does in trying for her social spectrum. Besides, Poly herself looked at a mirror on the road. In my personal opinion, I think that she has self-confident and she does not like the tradition's woman in the society. And I think that she conflict in the limitations. Therefore, Poly can hear the mermaids sing because she has fantasies and she is not afraid of expressing herself. In fact, we know that an original woman must be afraid of expressing themselves in front of people and they do not know. In contra, Poly was not afraid. Because of this, we can discover that Poly is different from the tradition's woman in the past.

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