Subject Re: Women's perspective of our own body.
Posted by Anissa
Posted on Sat Jan 6 02:15:16 2001
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In Reply to Women's perspective of our own body.

Both of us also think that the position of woman is constanly uprising, in the modern society. And the whole society should have a man and woman, and then people can interact with each other. Moreover, everyone should have short-coming and long-coming. From my point of view, when God created a woman in the world, it did not mean that man have a long-coming forever.
After I read the Sandee's music video, I think that we can image to the traditional women are different from the modern society women. In Sandee's music video, we can find that Sandee takes off her colth reflects how feminine has the autonomy for her own body. And we can think that Sandee conflict to the voyeurs. Also, the moment when Sandee squat down on the toliet, her expression shows a kind of desperation. Because of this, I think that women are not an object of men, now. Women has their own ability and they are not a loser again now.

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