Subject I・ve Heard A Mermaid Singing
Posted by Stephanie Tang
Posted on Sat Jan 6 10:57:36 2001
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Polly goes through many processes as an artist and she finally achieve self-accomplishment. In her fourth fantasy, she becomes a conductor and conducts Betophen・s symphony No. 6. Among her four fantasies, this is the one most close to reality, because Polly still stays in the church gallery. At that time she realize her value and becomes a creator and a person not just being ordered by others.
In addition to the fourth fantasy, we see her self-accomplishment in the third turning point that is she takes camera away from Venus. She uses this camera to make her own film and she can decide what she wants to present. This behavior provides a different view of seeing things. Normally movie shooter who is outside the film chooses the image of the film, but now people in the film has the right to determine whether s/he wants to be looked or not. This point of view also revealed in the end, Polly turns off the machine and this action shows that she has power on decision.
  Toward the end, Polly stays in her room and those photos she had burned before come out again. This image although is simple, means a lot to Polly. Since the photos once being criticized as :simple minded; works, but in that scene she shows them out in her room to prove that she doesn・t care the judgment by Gabriel. Moreover, Polly leads two women to golden woods in the end. The scene shows that there is a new world for these three women. We audience can・t see what happened here after; however, at the same time we also get to know that these three women have unlimited possibilities and potentials.
   In this movie, we can hear Polly test the machine at the beginning and we see her turn off the machine in the end. Polly is designed to be the filmmaker and this has a lot to do with the director of the film. Patricia and Polly are similar because they are beginners in the art. This film is her first work and she became famous after the production of this film. She raises a question in the film : what kind of position does female take to look themselves?;

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