Subject Re: Women's perspective of our own body.
Posted by Stephanie Tang
Posted on Sat Jan 6 11:45:36 2001
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In Reply to Women's perspective of our own body.

I agree with Stacy's point of view that women should learn to appreciate and respect our bodies. Although there are lots of aguements among femanists, I believe that this is the main idea that they are trying to say.
At the first time we talked about femanism in the class and we saw a video tape which was about women tend to be looked at. Frankly speaking, I never thought of this before. I once wondering why women have to put on makeup but men don't have to. After having this course about femanism, I found the answer. It's because women want to be attractive nd also be looked at. How come osmatic companies promote their products by saying that women put on makeup just for themselves, I still

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