Subject Re: thoughts on good and bad sex
Posted by Liz
Posted on Sat Jan 6 14:17:48 2001
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As far as I am concerned, I think it is not easy to draw a clear line between good sex and bad sex. As Mindy mentioned, people consider some sex to be "bad" because those sex are against the moral standard in the society. However, it is still ambiguous in the definition. For example, is homosexuality bad sex? Homosexuality is still an issue, and a lot of people still hold different views on this issue. Some say that it is against nature and feel sick when they see homosexual or some behavior being considered as homosexual. However, some may think that homosexuality is also a part of nature, for they were born to be homosexual. Because of they were born to be homosexual, they have the same sexual desire as the common people have. As a result, I think the line between good sex and bad sex is still unclear because it depends on how people view sex. Another point of view that Mindy mentioned to define sex is the social standard. I agree with that. Moreover, I think there are not only the social standard for people to define good sex and bad sex but also culture, family background and personal value standards. For example, people are more open in having sexual relationship with others, one-night-stand is a common thing and usual. However, people who are conservative and grow up in high-moral standard family and surrouding will consider one-night-stand to be improper and somehow immoral. Therefore, there are some certain sexes still abscure to define.

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