Subject ㄐㄧㄢ視 and male voyeurism
Posted by Elisa
Posted on Sat Jan 6 15:43:02 2001
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Elisa Lin

“ㄐ一ㄢ” 視
  In a sense, the title of this song seems to be a pun. The sound “ㄐㄧㄢ” of Madeline phonetic words can be interpreted into two meanings: 監 or 姦. By using the Mandarin phonetic symbol, the singer criticizes that men usually keep a watchful eye on women, especially women’s bodies. From the first stanza of the lyric words, 你看我的眼神 到底是什麼顏色/ 你熱愛我的身體/ 他為女人窒息, we see that men watch women from the sexual perspective, but women have no methods to stop their watching. 我為胸罩喘氣/ 你為誰而流汗/ 我被很狠的撥開 流的血沒有自由的色彩: theses sentences completely show that women are pressed and unfree. Take the oil paintings for another examples of men’s watching at women. In Europe, the nobles often have paintings in their house. These paintings are usually the nude women who seem to keep submissive eye contract with someone outside the paintings (the owner of the painting). The women in the paintings are also languid and passive, and therefore they can not resist men. Traditionally, men like to watch women sexually, and they conclude that women also like to be watched.
  There is a phrase “眼袋” appearing in this song. Actually people do not really watch things with 眼袋, but with eyes. The phrase here could be used to describe those who have voyeurism. They peep at women through a hole or with a camera, and they put emphasis on women’s physical bodies instead of their thought. Therefore, through men’s eyes, there are only white and black colors in women’s world. At the end of the lyrics, 在你的眼底看來 我只有黑白那麼簡單/ 頭大到被你看穿 身體小的跑不快, the words also show women’s dissatisfaction that men like to define women according to men’s value. They consider that women are not intelligent, and men can control women. However, this is wrong. Women undoubtedly have their decision-making power of their bodies, and men can not derive women of their rights. The lyrics of “ㄐㄧㄢ”視 indeed show the indignation about male voyeurism, and criticize that men define women sexually from men’s perspective.

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