Subject Re: thoughts on good and bad sex
Posted by Victoria
Posted on Sat Jan 6 18:41:56 2001
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In Reply to thoughts on good and bad sex

In my own opinion, as to the topic that What's good sex and what 's bad one, I would prefer to say that the answer really depends on everyone's mind.
There is no certain correct answer to this question. The condition here is not like the undobuted right answer towards the exams that we took during the high schools. I think that there hides a normal ruler in everyone's mind. We don't have to challehge about the thoughts of other people. Also, the standard and definition for good sex and bad sex would changes with the time. For example, what we think for good sex might be bad in the past. Why do we have to be bothered by the question? What we need to do id to establish our own ruler for this question and also respect with others' at the same time. Then, that's enough.

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