Subject Patriarchy vs Femininity
Posted by Liz
Posted on Sun Jan 7 15:27:40 2001
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Womenˇ¦s positions are always considered to be inferior in patriarchal society. Patriarchy has existed for a long time in the society and planted deep inside peopleˇ¦s minds. Patriarchy influences many different areas such as languages, family system as well as the stereotype for men and women. Therefore, feminists try to reverse the concept and free womenˇ¦s role in societies. Women should have the equal social position as men have, and what men being able to do women are possible to make it. There should be not difference or discrimination between men and women. However, it may also challenge the womenˇ¦s quality, femininity. If women try to be strong and do as what men can do, somehow femininity in women may be forgotten. Moreover, because of the deep influence of Patriarchy, even though women are aware of the oppression, most women may still take what they suffer or encounter for granted. As a result, it is somehow hard for women to hold their stands because of the conflict between patriarchy and femininity.

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