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Posted by nicola
Posted on Mon Jan 8 00:07:36 2001
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After the classes about feminism, one of my strong impression on it was the showing of MTVs, about how they represent the view from males. Indeed, after then, when I watch MTVs I sometimes will view them from a more feminist point of view. It is really surprising how a majority of MTVs are shot under a male view point, and that most viewers donˇ¦t really suspect it. Examples like how they treat women merely as objects of beauty, and nothing more. It is the same for films, as many of them are shooting from male perspectives, and we viewers just accept their perspectives and notice nothing wrong about it, and just assume it as our own perspective. What is harmful of these is that viewers took the perspectives of the directors without cognitively knowing it. These medias do a lot in shaping viewers perspectives since at the present one major entertainment would be to watch TV. I think knowing more about feminism helps me to know what is ˇ§feminist writingˇ¨ or ˇ§feminist filmsˇ¨. I think knowing this helps to understand deeper about how the society is prevailed with patriarchy values, more than just the unfair treatments given from the societies to females.
I think we women should all know something about feminism and try to view things from this point of view. By this way we will know how we are viewed by the society and know how to help change the views of the patriarchy society. After all, there are many good characteristics of women that we should be proud of and help to promote it to let more people know.

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