Subject Re: thoughts on good and bad sex
Posted by Kim Lin
Posted on Mon Jan 8 01:32:16 2001
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I think the ¡§sex¡¨ Mindy talks about here is more like ¡§gender¡¨. Certainly, there is no way to judge whether which gender is good or bad. What our text says about ¡§sex¡¨ is, I guess, the sex activities, the intercourse. I do not think we can define what kind of sex is good or bad. What interests me is that most of time when people are having intercourse, there are no other people around, or in the room. Then how do others know what kind of sex people have unless they are informed or told afterward? Maybe it is because the ways people make love in pornography videos demonstrate the audience some so called bad sex. So people cannot bear to see such ¡§weird¡¨ and ¡§unacceptable¡¨ ways of intercourse shown in the videos and thus judge them bad sex. My point is that what if there were no such videos and there would be no way for people to see others¡¦ intercourse, then the controversy of what is good or bad sex would not be discussed. Because the intercourse would something locked in the room only. Plus, I think the way people choose to have their sex is just how people choose to dress themselves. Perhaps some would not like those who dress different from most people do, but they would not hold such a strong view against those whose dress differently and people would not ask everyone to dress the same because they have to respect others¡¦ freedom and choice. Then it¡¦s the same in sex. It¡¦s the matter of choice, as long as people do the way they like and they do it on their own will but not forced to so, it would not be a problem for others whether they like it or not.

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