Subject Re: Woman, learn to love yourself
Posted by Kim Lin
Posted on Mon Jan 8 01:33:21 2001
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In Reply to Woman, learn to love yourself

To become slim and to have a :nice body;, according to men・s points of view, is indeed a prevailing trend among women in our society. Girls are trying to do everything to become the most beautiful and sexist one to win men・s attention. But has anyone thought about why men do not have to worry so much about their appearances and body figure as women do. Men put a standard on women and women usually try to fit in; however, women also has a ideal standard on men, but not many men think it as their goal in order to meet the women・s standard. Women like to see handsome, tall, and macho men just like men like to see slim and sexy women. Why it has to be the women fitting in men・s standard but not vice versa. If women have thought about this, I don・t think there would be so many women trying to torture themselves to meet the standard. It is so unfair and it is not necessary to do so at all. It is only worthwhile to do so if men, as well, are trying to fit women・s standard.

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