Subject Re: Patriarchy vs Femininity
Posted by Maggie Chen
Posted on Mon Jan 8 16:18:08 2001
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I quite agree what Liz said. In patriarchal society, women really face a lot of limitation such as language. What women should be careful, if some improper words come from women's mouth, they won't taken as good women. The society set up a lot of rules for women such as be proper dressed, be careful to the words saying, doing good things and obey the virtues. Somehow, we canˇ¦t easily find there is any rule for men. Why do men and women treat differently? Since they are all human beings, it is reasonable to get the equal treatment. The goal is not easily achieved under the patriarchal society.
In addition, if people are aware of the daily words, a lot of words reveal the inferior position of women such as some words with "¤k" which doesn't sound good. Some dirty words are used in some men's conversation also related to women. How come women's position is put in a low status in patriarchal society? However the thought is rooted in the society; it is really hard for feminists to reject or fight against the society.
What is womanˇ¦s role in the society? I donˇ¦t think it is necessary to be bound to some certain jobs such as housekeepers, secretaries, or nurses. Men can also be the housemen but not restricted to doctors, lawyers, or politicians. Since men are capable of the jobs, women can handle them as well. Indeed, it is hard to achieve the goal completely because the society is still influenced deeply by patriarchy.

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