Subject Re: Woman, learn to love yourself
Posted by Maggie Chen
Posted on Mon Jan 8 17:00:42 2001
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Gradually, it is not hard to find more and more feminists appear in our society such as some singers, movie stars, writers, or some women politicians. To be as equal as men is what women want to get. But in our society still many unfair things happen. Since women・s awakening is aroused, why do we still see so many magazines with naked women? Why are women treated as beauty objects to enjoy? I am thinking about those women, is it really necessary to have those pictures? Do they need to make money by showing their naked bodies? For me, I don・t think it is worthy. On the contrary, women should be more aware of own bodies, but not take them as a tool of making money. If women refuse to take those pictures, do the businessmen have the access to sell the magazines? Women should respect ourselves more and then could get the respect from other gender but not being taken as inferior position.
Another point I want to discuss is that in many movies, women usually play the role of waiting, or weakness. The movie shows the characteristics in the way of being beaten, insulted, or raped. This is what I can・t stand. I ask myself why they put women in that lower position? It lets me feel they have discrimination toward women but not show much respect to the women.
Another scene which makes me surprised is even in London, I can sense the unequal position between men and women. In the telephone booth, it is not hard to find that naked women・s advertisements are post full of the booth. I can・t believe in spite of in such advanced country, unequal treatment still exists. Does it easily to get rid of it? I don・t think so. The only thing that woman can do is to respect herself and be aware of her own identity but not taken as an object which offers the beautiful body.

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