Subject the feminism in Jane Eyre
Posted by dominique
Posted on Tue Jan 9 01:42:15 2001
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Charlotte Bronte・s Jane Eyre is a unique governess in that time・s governess novels. Jane is, though physically small, a brave and strong minded woman. She has faith and holds confidence when dealing with the people who have higher social status than she. These qualities make her a :more feminist; woman at that time and also an attractive one to Mr. Rochester. However, Bronte・s arrangement that cripples Mr. Rochester and Jane finally marries to him degrades Jane・s value as a feminist.
  Maybe it is too negative to call her a fake feminist. Mr. Rochester・s love towards Jane doesn・t come from her status, or any possession, but the person herself and her special qualities. Jane still can win respect and remain her dignity even though she doesn・t succeed a legacy. In the end of the novel, Jane gains a fortune and Bronte disables Rochester, and thus levels Jane・s and Rochester・s status. In a way, Bronte more or less endows Jane with things in material value to raise her position, but it is not necessary, as mentioned, Rochester doesn・t love her because of any outside value.
  Moreover, the reason why Jane comes back and finally marries Rochester after all can be doubted. Since Rochester deceives her about his marriage, Jane leaves Thornfield Hall. If she keeps staying at Thornfild, she might look like a piece of possession of his. Jane not only finds her identity and gains a career outside the hall. As Rochester・s words, Jane becomes an :independent woman.; However, Bronte still follows the traditional value that she makes Jane back to Rochester and plays a housewife role for the rest of her life. It becomes that Jane loses not only her ability of educating but also the :feminist meaning; in her role.

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