Subject Re: ㄐㄧㄢ視 and male voyeurism
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Posted on Tue Jan 9 17:12:22 2001
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Through the lyrics of Sandee Chen’s song and her music video “Jien視” ,we discover that it reveals some kind of voyeurism and she expresses a certain of points of views too. Firstly, the title of her song represents two kinds of meanings. It is because one of the words in its title “Jien” is used with Mandarin phonetic symbols, which can be interpreted as “監” which means someone keeps watching to another person under surveillance, or “姦” which means someone used his eye-sight to have sexual intercourse with another. Therefore, it is like a pun that the listeners can visualize more.
In addition, in combining each part of the lyrics into different points of view. There are four main points within the content of the lyrics, which show that men are usually used to look at women from the sexual perspective and they are only interested in women’s physical appearances, not their attitudes in minds. And for women, they have no rights and liberty to stop those amorous eye-sights from men. Also, the images of naked women are shown as sexual symbols on the webs or paintings. Like the first line of the lyrics “你看我的眼神 到底是什麼顏色”, “我”is represented as Sandee or other woman, “你”is represented a man. The whole meaning is “Are men always gaze at women in sexual perspective? The second line “你熱愛我的身體 卻不能更靠近”have two explanations. One illustrates that even men are fascinated by women’s physical appearances, they misunderstand their minds. Another illustrates that women are overseen on the web sites. Although men have many fantasies of women, they can only touch the monitors. The third line “我為胸罩喘氣 他為女人窒息”can combine with the fourth line “你為誰而流汗 全不由得自己”, which means that no one can change anything. For instance, women have to accept the fact that they are not men and they are limited by the tradition to do whatever they like. Men usually feel painful because they can only oversee the web sites, which cannot satisfy their desires. The fourth part “我被狠狠的撥開 流的血沒有自由的色彩”intends with the meaning that some of the women have been taken in photos and then people use the computer technology to change their heads onto the images of naked women. That’s what we said why women seem to have no liberty and privacy. This lyrics “你做你愛做的事 用你的眼袋”is repeated for several times. Maybe Sandee wants to emphasize that men can do whatever they like, but they don’t ponder deeply before their decisions. The last part “在你的眼裡看來 我只有黑白那麼簡單” “頭大到被你看穿 身體小的跑不快 全憑你的喜愛” relate to one part and we guess there are two different interpretations. One is that women are just like pictures, the painters can use any color to depict them. Although most of the women icons are naked, they don’t feel shy and their eye-sights are almost towards to men. Another point is that women are regarded as childish and stupid in men’s minds, so it is easy for men to control them.
Furthermore, if we connect the lyrics with the music video, we will find that, during the intermezzo, in order to express Sandee’s anger, she uses chewing guns, smiling dolls and hands to stock the camera. Besides, she knows that the spectators oversee her, so she uses sexual body languages and eye-sights to seduce them so as to express her anger too. When the final part of the lyrics present in the music video, she looks so depressed and can resist no longer that she crouches on the toilet. Also, women are regarded as “the color of black and white” in the lyrics. It is ironic when the background of the voyeur became black and white immediately.
From my point of view, Sandee seems rather dissatisfied, which she expresses in the lyrics rather than in her music video. The lyrics of her song are very excessive and subjective, so we could feel her anger easily. However, her acts in the music video are not extreme and she is quite frustrated too. Maybe she wants to resist the female traditions. She can do nothing because of her limited power.

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