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Posted by Sharon
Posted on Wed Jan 10 14:55:05 2001
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After reading the text of feminism, especially the part when it talked about the status of women in western traditional society. I think it is unfair to say that women are considered as an incomplete man because they have no thoughts or lack of ability. I guess it is due to how society constructs their images of being low and weak. In Sandee・s music video, it also showed how women are treated as the object of desire and to be look at. Basically, in Sandee・s music video, it somehow reflects the phenomenon in nowadays society, as there are several kinds of voyeur, they either peep through the pinhole camera or website. And Sandee tried to reflect both her desperation and how women should have autonomy for their own body in her music video. The scene when she squat down on the toilet and she sprayed tears to the eyes on the wall. I think she is also kind of helpless because there is no way to stop the voyeur. In traditional society, men tend to put emphasis only on women・s body instead of their thoughts and women can・t or don・t even know how to fight back. However, it・s great that women in today・s society are different; they no longer repressed their desire and pursuit for what they want. They know what is unfair for them and in some fields, women tend to be more powerful than men.

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