Subject Re: Patriarchy vs Femininity
Posted by Trammy
Posted on Wed Jan 10 16:10:48 2001
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I agree with Liz that women¡¦s positions are always considered to be inferior in societies. Like in traditional western societies, women are regarded as the possessions to men, man can divorce his wives at will or they can have love affairs. On the other hand, women haven¡¦t any rights to get divorced or they must be punished by laws if they have affairs. Women also have to obey men too; they cannot be as powerful as men. However, men always show superiority in ideologies. Such as the New Testament in Bible, it is clearly illustrates that God makes women for men. Many of the scholars like Aristotle declared, ¡§the female is female by virtue of a certain lack of qualities.¡¨ And St. Thomas Aquinas considered, ¡§woman is a mutilated or incomplete man.¡¨ There are also many literary works suggested women are inferior to men. For instance, Arthur Schopenhauer supposed women are less reason, intelligence, sense of justice and energy, etc. in his work ¡§On Women¡¨. In language, there are many masculine words, which refer woman, is a less important role in societies such as ¡§chairman¡¨, ¡§master¡¨, ¡§the God as ¡¥he¡¦¡¨ and so on. Therefore, many people especially feminists want to argue that men and women ought to be fair.

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