Subject Re: Patriarchy vs Femininity
Posted by Jennifer Chang
Posted on Fri Jan 12 01:49:39 2001
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I agree that women are always be considered as ˇ§lower than men.ˇ¨ I think the patriarchy society comes from the traditional agricultural life because men are physically born stronger than women. To support a family at that time, men, who are stronger, could go out to cultivate for a longer time than women could and got more food. Gradually, they would become the authority of the family because they are the main support of the family. However, as time changes, the way to support or to survive is changing too. The occupations are changing from the works that takes manpower to the works that needs intelligence and other different abilities. Therefore, women also have the opportunities to do the same job as men do and will even have better performance. The time is changing and peopleˇ¦s values must change with the current. Therefore, women start to fight for their equal rights and treatments. As for Chinese people, I think it will still take a long time to reach the goal of making men and women as equal as possible. Besides blaming men for providing a patriarchy society for women, women should also work on themselves too because many mothers are the helpers of making the society patriarchy. Women must make themselves as good as possible and they will have the confidence to do the menˇ¦s job and even be better than men and they will not help the form a patriarchy society.

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