Subject Re: Woman, learn to love yourself
Posted by Sherry 487210379
Posted on Fri Jan 12 13:11:11 2001
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I totally agree that we should respect our own gender and love ourselves. Recently I read the books from KB and feel pity for myself and we women. The pressure that our society give to us is so stong and most terrible of all, we don't know it or regard it as nothing. But it is REPRESS!!! Just as Lisa says, how many woman really love their own body? It's very sad to see so many women try their own best to fit men's eye as to forget to ask themselves first: Is it I really want? Not only lossing weight, but also the toilet is a depress from men. We all have this experience: it's very uncomfortable for we women to find a clean and the place which is wide enough for us to piech. Even the toilet in our foregin language college lack a place or a hook for us to put or hang our bags. Those unconvieniert things are also a depress to us. We should fight for our own rights, the rights of being respected in this society. Maybe we should fight for a hook in the toilet as a start. But most important of all, we women should love ourselves and agree our own gender first and then we will find out there're so many things waiting for us to get our rights back!!

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