Subject Re: thoughts on good and bad sex
Posted by Michelle
Posted on Fri Jan 12 21:03:46 2001
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In Reply to thoughts on good and bad sex

As for me, I don't quite agree with the definitions about good sex and bad sex on the handouts which Kate gave us in class because they are too objective ones from onlookers' points of view. I think no matter what kind of sex is, it can be regarded as a good one if each other enjoy themselves and have a very good time, even sadism and masochism are included. on the other hand, even if a woman do not feel comfortable while having sex with her husband, it should still be considered as a bad sex. This kind of case makes me think of "rape" even they are a couple. Anyway, to distinguish sex between good and bad should has nothing to do with environment or how many people are involved. The only concern should be how those people experience and feel at that time.

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