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Bluebeard¡¦s Egg
This short story not only displays a woman¡¦s struggle for the relationship between her husband and herself but also shows the process of her self-awareness.
At the very beginning of this story, Sally is very confident that considering Ed as a very stupid man. However, Sally falls ¡§in love with Ed because of his stupidity¡¨. Sally is conceited that Ed is so stupid man that he doesn¡¦t know he is, and she also proudly imagines Ed is like a lucky child that fortunately passes through all kinds of dangers in the forest and then meets the princess, who is Sally herself. Nevertheless, ironically enough, Sally finds she does not really understand Ed¡¦s inner world. We can see how Sally describes her husband in many ways: she thinks Ed is like a Russian doll that is wrapped layer by layer with different faces, and she also thinks ¡§Ed¡¦s inner world is a forest¡KHe wonders around in there, among the trees, not heading in special directions.¡¨ In addition, Sally also describes Ed as a puzzle: ¡§It¡¦s held together only by Sally, who sits the middle of it, working on a puzzle. The puzzle is Ed.¡¨ Here we can see that though Sally is confident that she loves Ed owing to his stupidity, she is very anxious about Ed¡¦s mysterious inner world. Therefore, in my opinion, perhaps Sally is too unconfident of the knowledge towards her husband, she is forced to persuade herself that Ed is just too stupid to make her understand. Even those literature classes she goes to be for Ed to think that she is interesting and is always learning something new instead of improving her literary knowledge.
The other ironic part is that Ed is a greatest heart doctor. However, though he is the best at medical knowledge about ¡§heart¡¨; however, he even does not understand ¡§the real heart¡¨ of his wife: ¡§Ed is a heart man, one of the best, and the irony of this is not lost on Sally: who could possibly know less about the workings of hearts, real hearts¡K¡¨ While Ed ¡§shows off¡¨ his instrument to see Sally¡¦s heartbeat, she is very disappointed to see her heart as only in black and white because it reflects the mysterious and distant understanding between Ed and her.
Sally originally knows that Ed is very attractive and ¡§everywhere he goes he is beset by sirens¡¨. However, Ed always lets those women to ¡§ask him to fix their hearts¡¨ in front of Sally, but Sally never thought too much to doubt her beloved husband until she sees the over-intimacy between Ed and her ¡§best though most recent friend¡¨ Marylynn. Her self-awareness has been awakened to think, ¡§Possibly Ed is not stupid. Possibly he¡¦s enormously clever.¡¨ She does not consider her husband as a stupid¡¨ one any more, instead, she doubts: while the party is over, ¡§she slides into bed beside Ed, who is breathing deeply as if asleep. As if.¡¨
There is fairy tale ¡¨Bluebeard¡¦s egg¡¨ is paraphrased in Sally¡¦s class. It implies that the ¡§forbidden room¡¨ that Bluebeard does not allow his wives to get into suggests the scene Sally sees Ed and Marylynn are in the party. Though she is finally aware of the fact, is she really the third wife that being clever enough to prevent the egg from broken? Besides, as Sally thinks firstly that if Ed is not smart enough to be the egg, who or what refers to the egg? At the end we see Sally sees the egg ¡§glowing softly as though there¡¦s something red and hot inside it¡¨. Because the egg will hatch one day, what comes out may be a different change for Sally. Therefore, this egg not only implies new possibilities related to Sally¡¦s further life but also a symbol of Sally¡¦s growing consciousness.

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