Subject Modonna! A poor feminist
Posted by Jenny Chang
Posted on Wed Feb 7 20:21:35 2001
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In comparing the nude figures and the music videos, the passiveness of the nude figures contrast the vigorous sexual desire of the women in the music videos, but they are all shown for the eyes of the spectators. But I have a strong opposition to Modonna whose lyrics shown her to be a feminist, but who by crawling to the milk and chaining herself to a bed is really degrading and humiliating. I can only analyse it from a psycholanalytical point of view that it is her sexual fantasy. Because what is she proclaiming as a feminist. She denies abiding by the feminine side of a woman and the good qualities that are bestowed on woman as a God-given gift. She does not realize it to her full potential but distort it completely making women an animal inferior to man. But she calls herself a feminist. Basically I think she is just morbid.

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