Subject Re: thoughts on good and bad sex
Posted by Elisa
Posted on Fri Dec 22 17:36:59 2000
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As far as I am concerned, I do not agree that ¡§some bad sex is considered bad because there is no reason to do it or it is against what human beings like to do. For example, some people may change their sexual organs to become the opposite sex by surgical operation. This is bad because male and female are born with the ¡§determined¡¨ sexual organs¡¨ (Yeh). Of course, people are born with ¡§determined¡¨ gender. The male and the female are different physically. However, the limited physical bodies can not restrict the free mind. If one man feels that he will be happier to be like a woman so that he takes the denatured surgical operation, does he hurt anyone? I don¡¦t think so. Since the nature has done wrong on this man, he should have the right to change the ¡§nature part¡¨.
Therefore, I also think that homosexuality can be accepted. It is not a crime, instead, it can be part of nature. Every creature in the world is evolving, and the traditions change by the time. How could people define the so-called ¡§good sex¡¨ and ¡§bad sex¡¨ according the nature or the tradition. If I must distinguish ¡§good sex¡¨ from ¡§bad sex¡¨, I would say that if the sexuality does not do harm on anyone or have unwholesome influence on others, that can be ¡§good sex¡¨.

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