Subject Re: Marx and capitalism
Posted by bucklee
Posted on Tue Mar 7 09:37:14 2000
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I still wonder that two factors of the captalism, quality and qantity? I think that commodity would vary with the trend of people, in otehr words, that is how pepole define which material or thing is worth in the world? Though the qantity of the material raw might affect its exhange value,the definition of the use-value for certain material would be the key point of the process of production, distrubition or exchange. At the same time, the quality of material raw also affect its exchange value...for example,
the price of tea might varies on its quality not quantity, and at the same time, it depends on the people's understanding for good tea or cheap tea. Originally that quality of tea does not affect the use-value of tea wheter the price of tea is higher or lower, but in captailist system the quality of tea would affect its price and its quantity of products..

Hence that is the problem of captalists and the understanding of people for the use-value of the material..

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