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Posted by JessieChu
Posted on Tue Mar 14 09:59:09 2000
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Do you agree with Marx's belief that there should not be private ownership? Marx argues that wage-labor is the
condition for capital. Is it still so?
Considering the fact that capitalism has developed into the third stage, post-industrial capitalism, do you think
Marx's critique of capitalism still valid?

I would like to argue for Marxist no private ownership. (the first question) Actually I think the current history of Mainland China is the counter instance to attack Marxist assertion of national ownership. Money or bonus people can earn from their job is the major inducement for people to work hard. It is obvious that after the government allow people to have their own business, there are more and more rich people in the big cites, such as W. That is to say, from the previous experiences in the last decades, the government perceive the defect within Marxism. The private ownership is actually a factor for national economic improvement/ progression. In this way, there must be some Maxist points and assertions which should be modified.
I think Marxist critique of capitalism is still valid, sepcifically pinpointing the circulation of production, consumption and reprodcution within mass media, vogue, magazines, messages from the commercials or the internet in the post-industrial-captalist society. Generally speaking, pop culture in Taiwan is influenced a lot by Japanese culture. From the main stream of pop culture, we can learn the simularity of two cultures--the worship of youth and beauty.
In this case, it is worth noticing how this kind of fetishism constructs, regulates and postulates through people's thought and daily life.

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