Subject Re: Marx and capitalism
Posted by Grace Wen
Posted on Mon Mar 6 18:47:15 2000
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About the first question, I don't agree with Marx's belief that there should not be private ownership. Human beings are selfish. Only when there are benefits do they work hard. If they just work for others, especially for their owners, they won't work hard. Also, no private ownership will let them lose their purpose to live. Although it is true that capital takes advantage of the workers to earn money, what we should don is improve workers' welfare instead of taking away their rights to own their private ownership. In my opinion, in order to let workers have what they deserve, we should have a good system, especially a good welfare system to reduce the discrepancy of the poor and the wealth. Let's take the Mainland China as an example. Several years ago, they believed that it was good to have no private ownership. However, recently, they change their mind. Allowing people to have their won ownership is the key to improve the economic condition.
As to the third question, I think the capitalism still should be criticized. Today is the age of science and technology. Everything we use is created by the modern technology. Thus, the capitalism still affects people a lot. Take the Microsoft Company as an instance. Taiwan factories take a great responsibility in producing their products. But how much do the Taiwan workers benefit from this company? We still need to pay a lot of money to buy the computer, their software. I don't know whether it is fair, but I know this kind of situation happening around the world. In some degree, Marx's critique of capitalism still correct.

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