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Posted on Thu Apr 27 08:16:09 2000
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Thesis statement: who is the most powerless of neorealism character all in the

bicycle thief and how does family relationship get affected by poverty?

The relation between social groups and social institutions. Here in bicycle

thieves we have a poor and rich community. Within this social level the community

have middle-class and lower class. All of them have different deal. To illustrate, the

middle-class who can enjoy leisure time. The lower class unemployed, neorealism

reflex the most powerless without a employed can never have security. And when

there is no security, there can as well be no future. Let us look at the period of the

post-World War II Rome and what happened to them during this time. No one can live

safely and happily without a work. Every man's family like Antonio Ricci, business,

and safety depend upon the protection from the community. The stronger the

community, the more opportunities for the poor to develop.

What should the father do for his family? Most of all, all the social groups, no

matter their level, all the people should cooperate to protect the unemployed in their

community, and defend the social institutions gap against inequity class distance. In

World War II Rome, Social level difference can not bind the people together and

promise each person value are same. The poor social status also look for some

opportunity from unequal social level.

If the lower class like Antonio Ricci lacked power, then he could not say what

he felt. He would be controlled by upper-class. On the other hand, if the policeman

who fail to enforce justice then society would be disorderly and violent. Life would be

controlled by poverty. Therefore, neorealism is important to have both justice and fair.

In post- World War II Rome, the unemployed, the community the thief belongs to and

Antonio Ricci family is the most powerless of them all. Neorealism reflex

unemployed is seen everywhere. What will be come of Antonio Ricci if things

continue this way?

In the economy things have been going from bad to worse. The poverty of the

poor has forced many family to desperate ways of searching, including seeking help

from the fortune-teller and stealing. But this is inevitable in a different social level.

Antonio Ricci is becoming more desperate every day, as neorealism are given more

critiques on the social class. A powerless working class need a brighter future awaits

them all as long as they work together. I believe this holds much truth. If the

community to emphasize poverty and enforce justice lives, the working class like

Antonio Ricci will find it easier to live with struggles.

Antonio Ricci believe that reality and ideals are different. Reality is not

Antonio Ricci and his ideals are not his reality. When Antonio Ricci ideals not come

true it is not a reality. The search process is right or wrong to think other wise. From

the right places like police station and market, to more and more desperate ways of

searching including seeking help from the fortune-teller and stealing. The tragedy is

the most powerless of the poor. But no ideals can come true without action to reject

poverty. Many people have good ideals but fail to carry them out. Only through

struggles effort and perseverance will let the lower working class like Antronio Ricci

ideals come true. From the search process people can learn something about the

chaos of post-war Rome through desperate community. If we equate the middle-class

with leisure time and the lower-class poverty with despair. We can see how ironic

each class with a major images.

Social groups and social institutions may have quite similar qualities. On the

other hand, it is also true to say that everybody in the world is different from

everybody else because they are not exactly the same. No two class, anywhere, are

exactly alike and no two institutions exactly the same likes and dislikes. Each has his

strong and weak points. In order to live fully and happily, each of social level needs to

fortify their good points and overcome their poor ones. The bicycles and their parts,

crowded buses and the crowds on the street; the wooden ladder; the pawnshop with

piles of pawned goods. Therefore, the poor are not continually discontented

themselves and community. There are two types of people in the world. Although

they have not equal degrees of wealth and the other comforts of life, one becomes

happy, the other becomes miserable. This arises from the different ways in which

they consider things, persons and events, and the resulting effects upon their minds.

One is said to be optimistic and the other pessimistic about everything around them.

Antonio Ricci who are to be happy fix his attention on the struggles of things.

Desperate do affect Antonio Ricci, see influence his ideas of right and wrong more

than people may realize. When I see pictures presenting kinds of poverty or certain

ideals in either a fair or an unfair community. So let the things I learn from Antonio

Ricci be suited to his own struggles way of living. Life as happy as you make up

your minds to be.

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