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Marxism-analysis Folksong, a production of late1970s and early 1980s
Folksong developed in the 1970s and became very popular everywhere in Taiwan. Under what circumstances did folksong become so popular and become a cultural production? And by what ways did people produce folksongs? In 1970s, some people began to be tired of the popular music and singers, they thought popular music was boring and corrupted human minds, therefore, they called for a pure and innocent music, so folksongs began to develop. And in 1978, the United States broke off diplomatic relations with Taiwan, and Japan wanted to take up the island of "fishing spot". That made Taiwanese felt so isolated in the world, and they wanted to identify themselves on the stage of world. Therefore, at that time, some composers wrote some folksongs to inspire each other.
Besides, the politic issues were also forbidden to be spoken in public, since that was the age of martial law, people didn't have the freedom of speech. Under that circumstance, people could not directly tell what they think of politics or their desire for going back to China, they just could use indirect way to express their feeling through folksongs. Moreover, other factors, such as golden melody awards and Formosa event also contribute to the development of folksongs. However, before folksong is going to be published and become a production, it had to be examined by the Information Bureau. And the examination system is quite severe, it is not easy to pass the examination. Therefore, it caused some composers to write love or vagrant folksongs in order to avoid involving in the sensitive issues.
Take the "canary tree" for example, the folksong "canary tree" shows strong vagrant ideology. It says " Don't ask where I come form? My country is from far distance. Don't ask why I am roaming about? I am roaming about for a long distance." In these lines, we see "roam about' everywhere, but we don't see where the person is going to roam about. And we find that the author composed this song just about the time her fiance was dead, and the author was just planning to Spain. We guess this is the reason that she wrote this song to express her feeling, to identify herself as a vagrant to roam to Spain.
Besides, we also guess this song is also about Taiwan' unique politics situation. Because of the hostile attitudes toward each other, those who lived in Taiwan could not express their longing for back to China, or praise the greatness of China; however, some people were still identifying their country as Mainland China. Therefore, they thought they were vagrants, they were roaming about since they could not go back to their country. The canary tree shows us a clear vagrant ideology.
Folksongs express what the authors want to say, and it always can reach the consciousness with the audience, therefore, it began very popular. Especially, the golden melody awards also strengthen the popularity of folksongs, since many students joined to compose and write folksongs in order to win the money the golden melody awards provided to attract more people to engage in singing folksongs. However, the government uses several ways to oppress the development of folksongs, and gradually folksongs was no longer popular, and replaced by the pop songs.

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