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Posted by LilyHuang
Posted on Mon Mar 6 23:54:51 2000
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It is inevitable that people want to possess something to create or to produce interests for themselves. But to make sure of the interests will continue, owners will try to make their employers feel that they are well rewarded. Therefore, many big companies will offer a chance for workers to have some stock shares. The best example in our society is the computer company. Therefore, in a free competition market, clever bosses will return certain profits or benefits to their workers to increase their production. The more or the better they produce, the more benefits they will receive.

Of course, exploitation does exist. But the point is that it is a responsibility for both government and companies to improve such a situation not to encourage the class revolution to make everybody poor and go back to agricultural society. Most of countries that had been through the class revolution became poor and sluggish. In the last decay, these countries changed their national orientation from Communism to Capitalism for they think the great benefits from free markets is the only hope for them to solve the problem of poverty. Even those claiming to remain Communism, they import Capitalism to their economic policy. Besides, I do not agree to Marx's idea of having government to own the means of production because of the best illustration of the failing communism in many countries and the may-be or will-be corruption and inability of government. Indeed, I am not sure of the possibility of Marx's theory because so far it is not a completely free market. For example, USA or other countries that own abondant resource and power in the world will set down some unfair policy to protect their own industry business. Therefore, there might be a chance that Marx is right.

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