Subject Re: Ideology in campus folksongs
Posted by Eric
Posted on Sat May 20 13:49:43 2000
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"Campus folksong" is a kind of reaction of a certain period. It shows how the young generation interacts with the society and current events. Within the songs, some ideologies are often expressed. In addition, compared with the pop songs, campus folksongs are regarded as pureness and simplicity. But as time passed, nowadays, campus folksongs are mixed with pop songs together. Or we also can say it's hard to find unadulterated campus folksongs now. Even though the singer still hold the position of student and some ideologies still can be found again and again, under commercial package, the content has changed. Therefore, that's why we often say campus folksongs have lost its position and power. But now, we have another term called "alternative songs." (非主流音樂) Will you think it's the rebirth of campus folksongs? Of course we can't use the same term and these songs are not just resulted from campus. What I mean is the similar spirit.

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