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Posted by cicily
Posted on Tue Jun 6 11:39:18 2000
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I think Lynx do a good job for analyzing the text. Especially, she referred the idea about "relative autonomy" and the freedom of art. Art is not overall determined by economic. Marxicism emphasizes not only on economical level, but also history and ideology. In the paper, by Lynx explanation, I deeply understand that the author fights against the idea of history in Marxicism; besides, approve of the idea of the freedom of art.

Besides, I agree that economic level is not the only factor influences art, and there are "relative autonomy" in art. Take campus folk song as example, some of these campus folk song fight against the ideology in the society at that time. They disagree with those popular songs, and some composers would write some things which are not allowable for the government.
I believe that since we were born, we cannot escape from certain kinds of ideology. We are influenced by ideology all the time. However, I also wonder that whether we are always influenced by economics and those material things. Sometimes, what we need may just some spiritual support.

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