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About the social level in the Cinago

This social level is an orginal mixture of upper class German Idealism(Schemmer), English political economy (English Company) and French socialism (French Government). Lower level like Chinago coolies struggles were
originally between serfs and their feudal masters.

The conflict about Jack London advocated

Jack London support colonialism(imperialism). His race prejudice about whitey, the upper level of the social level.
To symppathize with different race, colour, stand by socialism, hope the working class have their own welfare.

The Capitalist system enriched only the upper class at the expense of the lower class

Both capitalists and their victims, suffer from "false consciousness"- an inability to recognize that the explotation
of one class by another is taking place. The owners of capital exploit their workforce by stealing the extra hours of work or surplus value of everything that they produce. Works more hours than his necessities require, so the capitalist eployer gets the rest. Workers are the real wealth producers, but they are alienated from what they
produce- they do not see that it really belongs to them". The labour of the many tranforms itself into the capital of the privileged few". Wealth would become concentrated in the hands of the few, whilst the vast majority of the
population would be driven into poverty.

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