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Posted by lily
Posted on Sat Jun 10 09:22:06 2000
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Your journal offers me a more optimistic point of view to see the story. For me, the whole story is a big tragedy, especially the end. In the end, the poor child, Paul, died, and even if his death recalled his mother*s motherhood (her love toward her child), everything seemed to be too late for me, for after all the child had died already. However, in your journal, you think that the child*s death finally let the mother get back her motherhood and let her empty heart be fulfilled, therefore, the story still shows a bright side of the world and human being. Well, I think it is also a very good interpretation of the story---to see the story with a more optimistic attitude. Actually, I also agree with what you said that "one could be his or her own winner only if they dare to step out from the hegemony and to cherish the things they do value from hearts." It really encourages me a lot. I think although we are inevitably influenced by ideologies from the first moment we were born, we still have our own free will to help us make choices. And though our individual power is so tinny, by making the best use of it we can still make some contribution to our world.

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