Subject Re: Ideology in campus folksongs
Posted by sophie
Posted on Sun Jun 11 23:57:32 2000
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The campus folksongs was a production of the 70s and 80s because at that time campus faolksongs was a means for young people to expressed their feeling. At that time, it was the age of martial law, people didn't have the freedom of speech. Therefore, they just could write down what they wanted to say instead of speaking it up. Besides, the western music was quite popular in Taiwan at that time, many people liked to listen and imitate singing the music. They wanted Taiwan to have this kind of music, and they are tired of the popular music, they regarded popular music corrupted their minds. So they called for a pure and innocent music. Under this circumstance, campus folksongs developed rapidly. However, because of our government's oppression of the campus folksongs, such as the severe examination of songs before songs were published; and market oriented music companies involved in campus folksongs, campus folksongs gradually died out and replaced by pop music.

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