Subject Re: Who Is the Winner?
Posted by sophie
Posted on Mon Jun 12 00:47:29 2000
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I also agree with both you two. When I finish reading this texts, I also feel sorry and pitiful for Paul, and I think he doesn't deserve to die. However, from Esther's interpretation of Paul's death, I see a different interpretation of the child's death, a brighter and more optimistic viewpoint of Paul's death. The child's death contributed to let her mother realize to cherish what she possessed, and to fulfill her empty and thirsty heart. Although Paul's death woke up her mother's heart, I still think it is a pity that he died. We seldom cherish thingswe possess and poeple around us, until we lose them, we just know how important they are. Only when we lose the thing or people we highly value, will we know how important that thing or that people mean to us. Maybe it is our human nature that we human beings always make mistakes like this, that's why we always regret. Therefore, I think we human beings should learn to be contented, to be satisfied with what we are now and what we have now. Don't just seeking for something and ignoring what's by your side.

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