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Posted by Christy
Posted on Mon Jun 12 14:51:24 2000
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I agree that the poor can never reach the higher status at that period of time. And I think that the idea of social status is being injected into people's mind unconciously through the daily education.
Take Antonio and Bruno as example. Antonio brings his son to the restaurant and then teaches him, "to eat like them, you have to earn at least one million every month." This similar statement might repeat several times a day between the father-and-son's talk. Gradually, Bruno may realize that he can never earn so much money and therefore he never belongs to the upper or middle classes. The fact is "teh rich becomes richer, and the poor becomes poorer".
Another example is the attitude of Antonio towards property can affect Bruno's perspective towards materializtic. After Antonio lost his bicycle(property), he can hardly control his emotion, eg. disturbs the mass, hit his son, or even becomes a bicycle thief. Bruno, being an observer to his father, may probably imitate him in the future. In short, this idea of social status(ideology) can be inherit to next generation through the daily education.

 Re: the bicycle thief Jennifer Tsai Fri Jun 16 11:42:12 2000
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