Subject Re: Jane Austen's Pride and Prejud
Posted by Ann Chuang
Posted on Tue Jun 13 02:25:10 2000
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I think another ideology exposed in Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice" is the idea of 門當戶對 that people are only allowed to marry with those who come from the same social class. I have forgotten some parts of this novel, but I was impressed by this ideology while reading it. According to the memory left in my head, I think most character's fate is decided by this ideology (except Elizabeth), because it effects a character's consideration in choosing a husband or a wife. Another interesting part is that actually this ideology is challenged by people's ambition of social climbing. Though 門當戶對 is so dominant, marriage is still regarded as a door for entering higher class; only do marry with a noble or a higher class person, the lower class grasp the chance to enter the higher class.

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