Subject Re: examples of ideology?
Posted by Mulder
Posted on Fri Jun 16 15:39:14 2000
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Few months ago, I saw a :well-made; commercial about the local military conscription, even :exquisite; to some degree. Of course as other military commercials, with the :soul-stirring; background music and the exhibition of :fine weapons;, they try to bring out the people・s sense of patriotism and adventure and to raise peoples confidence to the army・s professionalism and precision in every excise. Interestingly the language they use whether in oral or written is purely English. I don・t know it・s because of my major in English or my deep influence by Hollywood films unconsciously, it took me a quite while to realize they use a foreign language to promote the national image. Although all the faces we see in commercial are the faces of our own country・s soldiers, it is like a scrapbook filled with the CNN images, which people can easily associate with the big American solider, American highly ability of defense, and Boer war. I don・t deny it・s the inevitable consequence of internationalization. Japanese becomes another :hot; language frequently heard in the commercials. Also I understand its only purpose is to get the recruits to join the army, but which country・s army the young guys identify with unconsciously? Besides Americanism, the whole commercial seems to reveal more hidden ideologies.

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