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Posted by Irene Hsu
Posted on Sat Jun 17 03:54:12 2000
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Jenny's essay is really impressive because the examples she provides us is clear enough to know how people can be controlled by ideology consciously or unconsciously. Trought the story, she did explain the ideology in the salvery age in America. Ideology is the ruling ideas of ruling class. Therefore, at the age of black slave, undoubtedly, the white people were the ruling class, and the blakc people were the oppressed class and were forced to accept the concept that the they hated to obey. However, the blacks might not have right to rebel against with the whiteness, because in economic field, the white people were still ruling class at that time. The black ones were the lowest position in the economic. By the way,it shows two kind of binary opposition at that age,the black (poorest) and the white (richest). In the meanwhiel, it also apeears the class relationship between the blacks and the whiteness.
Actually, at present, people's life is rulded by specific ideology. For example, nowaday women become to worry about the size of their figure everytime,and try they best to lose weight, becuase the ideology of "A thinner is A beauty" mislead the life of female audience. However, the concept of losing weight is widely separed, because of the influence of the ideology.
I think that it is really interesting one to know and useful one for me to read about Marxixm.

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