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Posted on Sun Jun 18 04:27:14 2000
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I agree with most of Norman's opinions. However, I have some other feedback when reading that "The labors still think that they have the benefit, like Ah Cho and Schemmer in the story, they had never aware of that the capitalists extracted them because in their mind, they were already better than others."
In the Chinago, I think Ah Cho has some kind of hidden consciousness that he is in some way exploited. Because he knows how much he suffers from the work and that he dreams of his sweet garden, which stands for his desire of finding his own consciousness and individuality, though this dream is at the same time influenced by his ideology imposed by the upper class. On the other hand, I agree with the idea that Schemmer is not aware of being exploited. Firstly I can't find points to argue against it, and then I think his having some kind of power over the coolies contributes some parts to his unawareness.
Lastly, I think of our own positions. Are we not aware of being exploited? Maybe not. However, even though we know our salary is only a teeny tiny part of the company's benefits, what can we do to change the situation? Living in the capitalist society, we need to earn money to live our lives, so we need the teeny tiny amount of salary. It's hard for us to fight with those who control the "base" and the "superstructure."
Marx wants the working class to know their situation and to change it. However, do we really have the power to resist the international cooperation, such as Nike, Disney, Microsoft, and Time-Warner-AOL? Can we really change the situation?

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