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Posted on Sun Jun 18 07:13:49 2000
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How much degree values?
I want to take education to be an example. One of ex-minister of education dept. promoted the importance of getting a degree by giving a slogan: "Every one has a university to go." Therefore, many many universities add the quantities for taking more students, and more and more schools are established or upgraded to be colleges or universities. I think, this slogan is incredibly horrible destroys the value of scholarship in Taiwan and in this world because he has made BA become a sheet of paper proving that "I have been there." He completely ignores the scholarship of BA by giving, on the other hand, technicians a BA rather than a certificate of engineering. He immediately mistakenly over-promotes BA and over-degrades engineers. What a mistake!

I think one of reasons to make this policy appealing to the public is traditional Chinese praise to scholars. As we all know, only scholars can get a job in the government in ancient Chinese. Therefore, to pass the exam means to get a golden job and means to upgrade social position. So we had¤h¹A¤u°Óas an ideology, even though °Óis no longer degraded nowadays--in this money talks society. Over hundreds and thousands years, "degree" becomes a goal and target for people to obtain and achieve. On the other hand, the ex-minister accords with the public's expectation and needs for degree for his own governess. In his "misgovernment"--for me--less and less people would complain about the difficulties to get into university. The gate of university is no longer small; instead, it is wide open now.

In addition, the educational budget of our government seems to be less and less. In a good name, they want to decrease the gap between public schools and private school; somehow, they indeed give less and less subsidy to schools. Therefore, our tuition is getting expensive over year by year. The degree, now, becomes a proof of "pile of paper money." I think, this ISA of education destroys the scholarship deeply; moreover, it also leads the public to an errancy: no money, no education; no degree, no jobs and money.

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