Subject Re: Literature as an Ideology(2)
Posted by AllyChang
Posted on Sun Jun 18 07:13:49 2000
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We once talked about if the publishing business can be studied from Marxist point of view. Here, I want to give an example by a novel 傷心咖啡店之歌. I read this novel because my friend recommended me very much, and he explained how good a novel it is, as if he never read a good novel like this one. At that moment I was very curious about my friend's reaction, so I took his suggestion and read this novel for further discussion with him. Unfortunately, I didn't appreciate this novel at all. Instead, I think it is kind of failure in literary writing, based on my study in literature. Later, more and more information tells me that this novel becomes a bestseller, and of course, I'm extremely surprised about this result. This novel wins a lot of good commends in BBS, where there I seldom visited it. After this novel won 20-30 thousand sells, this novel then has a new cover with words like these, 網路暢銷書. After I checked with my friend, I found it got this title simply because it is a popular topic in BBS (this is only from my own criticism). At that moment, I was worried very much that a shallow novel somehow wins a big prize. How come? The ideology really has great influences on people in BBS? Guess what? This author immediately wins another big sells for her next novel. With what kind of reason? I think it is because of ideology again. In this regard, I am always wondering how good 人間四月天is, so it becomes so popular? Once again, I only regard this still a soap opera even though it is less like a melodrama as others. A favorable reception indeed can continue to blind people's sense to make a justful judgement for them. Do you agree?

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