Subject Re: 不是鑽石惹的禍
Posted by Sophia
Posted on Sun Jun 18 17:32:59 2000
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I think the reason why the commercial director use the young, beautiful and maybe single female to in the commercial to wear the diamond is that the director is using the now popularized ideology of "single noble (獨身貴族)" to pass out the idea that as soon as the consumer buy the diamond, he or she would be just like the beautiful in the film. "Diamond" is may be the most expensive jewelry, and being able to buy a diamond for oneself seems to symbolize that this person has somehow promoted his or her own class along with the diamond. Usually, jewelry is considered feminine. A diamond presented by a attractive lady seems to stands for the widely considered modern independent lady. This idea shows the worship for money slim figure of the society. (The male character in the commercial expresses this idea.) The lady's unbuttoning her shirt reveals the idea of that she gets confidence from the diamond. She can not stop desire from taking a look at her diamond and feeling satisfactory about herself. Although like what Jessie said, the man may not be attracted by the vision on the window, if it is an old lady who stands there, the commercial seems to say that if one can not posses the diamond, one at least has to have the wonderful figure, or the beauty of the diamond wouldn't be shown. Thus, in my opinion, the commercial is not only promoting its product but also unconsciously approving the worship for slim figure.

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