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Posted by kate
Posted on Tue Mar 7 08:52:02 2000
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In last Tuesday's class,
we were talking about value, use-value, and exchange value, and the
distinction among them. Together with Grace's questions about the value and
importance of love in a family, I then had a question about the roles of
humanity and morality in Marxism. For example,
1. In some family, parents and children are very isolated from each other,
and financial problem is always a big issue for many families. Can we say
"in family, there is only economical activities in the relationship between
parents and children?" In this example, it seems that love--one force of
human nature--has been taken out or eliminated.

2. In class, we talked about how a clerk working for selling a high-class
product, like Guggi, Channel, etc, usually the clerks would be very proud
because they are selling these very expensive products, which many people
can't afford to buy. In this example, it seems that the "products" can
bring the sense of pride--one force of human nature, too.

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