Subject Chinago
Posted by Zoe
Posted on Wed Jun 28 20:35:17 2000
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The conception of Marxism in literary criticism refers to its reflection of author or characters!| background and society in the
work. The Chinago does show Jack London!|s hatred toward capitalism. His vivid writing of capitalists!| inhuman attitude to
their workers reminds us of his tragic childhood. Nevertheless, I don!|t think he created a right background for the characters. In
The Chinago, we couldn!|t see what a real Chinese coolie should be like. He took Chinese as a silent group always and will never
protest. I think that is just foreigners!| general impression toward Chinese. It!|s similar to the case that they always think all
Chinese know !D\?O!L. For Jack London!|s shallow understanding of Chinese, that!|s why teacher said the work is not

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