Subject Re: What is Colonizing Us?
Posted by Mulder
Posted on Fri Jun 16 02:17:19 2000
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I think I agree with most of the opinions that other classmates’ made during your group’s presentation. I just have some points to add. Of course Hello Kitty, any other kinds of Japanese cartoon characters, soap opera, products or American media industry is becoming a colonizing force both in terms of economic and culture aspects. And some of classmates mentioned how the Taiwan local publishers (such as 麥田or 爾雅) and literature works are being ignored and repressed, and sort of blamed the stagnation of the local cultural industry on popularity of Japanese or American products. They also brought out how our uncertain national or personal identity can be jeopardized by these dominant cultures. However I think what we put together are two different categories, 大眾文化 and 小眾文化. Actually some local publishers are generally eliminated not by the force of Japanese culture, but by local readers’ selection. Because of the demands of the market, other more commercial and entertaining local works replaces Taiwanese pure literature. Originally 小眾文化is the field to be neglected easily whether it’s in Japan or in Taiwan. We are comparing the forceful lifestyle from Japan with the decline of local literature. I don’t deny there must be some relation between two, but basically we are dealing with two different things. Here I think the problem is not that we can’t resist the charm of the predominant cultures, but that we are lack of enough awareness and sensitivity about what we have. What I felt in our class discussion is that we are urging to de-center every privilege cultural impact, but still we seem incapable of finding our own stand or identity both in national and cultural recognition. For me, our being insecure and uncertain about our identity makes us more open to absorb the other foreign lifestyle. So, to repeat what others had said, it's more crucial to make sure our own stand rather than building hostility toward dominant cultures.

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