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Posted by Jennifer
Posted on Fri Jun 16 11:16:01 2000
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Some people may think that as Taiwanese, we don't really have our own culutre. However, I don't really agree with that point. What do you think American culture is ? McDonald's or Nike ? Why it is hard to answer what is Taiwanese right away is because if you are only talking about some symbolic objects. Of course, we don't have such vivid symbols like kimonos or sumo, however, these are not only what a culuture contains and stands for. Taiwanese culture may not be something that we can easily name out, but it is what we believe and what we live by every day. It's about the values of Taoism and Confusiouism, it's about what we do every day and how we deal with the past and future.
Now, Taiwan is facing with various foregin cultures. It's not uncommon that people don't get confused about our own identiy. Some people may worry that we will gradually lose our own culture and chase after foregin cultures. However, I am taking a more positive attitude here because it seems a process of the development of one's culutre. Japan is good at adaptation, they borrowed the idea of fast food and creat their own Mose Burger, it is same with the case of Italian sphagetti. Anyway, what I am trying to say that Taiwan now is absorbing different sources including global culutre to envolve to a new Taiwanese culture. The point is if this culture can really speak for our identity rahter than wheather the culture is borrowed or not.

 Re: What is Colonizing Us? Irene Hsu Sat Jun 17 02:29:20 2000
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