Subject Re: What is Colonizing Us?
Posted by Jason
Posted on Fri Jun 16 11:37:24 2000
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I want to be a cartoonist in the future and it's reasonable for me to be interested in drawing and reading comic books. The Japanese colonization is also serious in our comic book market. 90% of the comic books we read are from Japanese. people may think that comic books are just entertainments and that won't influence anything. In fact, comic book is one kind of the media that recording our culture, our life and it's also accepted by the children most. no matter what kind of the story it is, ( love, sport, detective...) the words and the background in the comic book all display its special culture. can you image that our children, who just started to learn things, read japanese comic books always? What a big influence that would be? I am a living example. Once, I just try to creat a story. When I tried to decide the setting, I found the first image in my mind was Japanese Temple, not ours. I was really shocked by that and found how serious the influence is. Moreover, Japan also earns lots of money from our people by selling their comic books. We really should pay more attention on our Comic Industry! lots of people don't support our local cartoonists. It can't be denied that the quality of the Japanese Comic is really much higher. But the reason of our cartoonists couldn't create the same quality is for the "poor surrounding". The government doesn't pay much attention to this industry and the income of the cartoonists is really few. How can our comic compare with the Japanese who always have lots of assistants and high salary? I think the skill of the Japanese comic is really worthy to learn. However, the content of the story really should relate to our own culture. lots of people like to imitate the Japanese comics; not even the skill, but also the content. I just wonder that a comic without showing our own culture, no matter how beautiful it is, it's just another Japanese comic.

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