Subject Kate's email to Tom
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Posted on Fri Jun 16 16:34:24 2000
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Hi, Tom,

Sorry to bother you here, but again I need to learn from you.

I usually don't read the email broadcast that closely, but this one
caught my eyes. To do a briefing for you (just to save your time):

The mail suggests that we stop using "Taiwanese," but Taiwaner, as in
New Yorker, because, it says, in English the proper names ending with
ese are pejorative, such as Japanese, Vietnamese and Taiwanese.

I wanted to argue against it and said that it's more to do with how a
word ends (with n or m, for instance). But then how about China? Why
are people of Canada Canadian, but not Canese? Why aren't Taiwanese,
Taiwaner, or Taiwanian?

I don't necessarily want to get rid of the word Taiwanese, but I would
appreciate it if you can help with your specializations.



In class I expressed another view: names and language are important part of any one's (a person's or a nation's) identity; however, the content of that identity is even more important. Instead of worrying so much about the implications of the word Taiwanese, why don't we think about what being Taiwanese means to us and "how" to get to know more about the Taiwanese culture?

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